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Daniel Charles Lodato Studios, LLC | New York, NY | info@danielcharleslodato.com


Daniel Charles Lodato 

As a native New Yorker, Daniel has been involved in design for as long as he could remember. He started altering his surroundings from a very young age: at age 11-instead of going to a skatepark he would design & build skateboard ramps and obstacles, at age 13 he built decks and benches, and in his early 20's he designed interior spaces that followed through to his graduation of Interior Design from Parsons.

Daniel Charles Lodato Studios is a luxury design firm that creates spaces that may seem a bit too surreal and unobtainable into sophisticated tangible realities. Daniel's aesthetic is very sculptural and eclectic. He isn't afraid of being unconventional and challenges the common notions of "practicality." His sensitivity towards drama comes from his concentration of the art made by old masters in the 17th Century.


The studios' ultimate goal is to achieve tonal linear landscapes with cut aways of sculptural, modernist, and brutalist nuances. With having acquired the taste for these specific genres we can create spaces that embody subtle luxury with sophistication.

-   "Design is the Preservation of Beauty."